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Welcome to Update International, the global leader in vibration analysis/prevention. Established in 1966, we have truly pioneered large-scale training in these fields. Update International always has and will continue to encourage improvement, facilitate growth, and provide innovation in this industry.

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The Innovative DT6 Vibration & Phase Analyzer:



    Time, Frequency, and Phase all-in-one with NO setup or advance knowledge required! The DT6 is the most Powerful, Simple, and AFFORDABLE vibration instrument available today. Two Phase-Synchronized, Tri-Axial Accelerometers can provide high resolution readings on both bearings’ horizontal, vertical, and axial readings in JUST 6 seconds. Our DT6 team is dedicated to our customers and their needs. As a small team with a very quick “idea-to-execution” time  we are able to work directly with our customers to add custom software modules, tweak existing ones, or build entirely new functions & ensure that the DT6 meets your every need.

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Upcoming Classes:

  • (ASNT Vibration 1) The Fundamentals of Practical Vibration Analysis; Chicago, IL; Tuesday, January 16th – Friday, January 19th
  • (ASNT Vibration 2) Solutions to Machinery & Maintenance Vibration Problems; Baton Rouge, LA; Monday, January 22nd – Friday, January 26th
  • (ASNT Vibration 1) The Fundamentals of Practical Vibration Analysis; Sarnia, Ontario; Monday, February 12th – Thursday, February 15th
  • (ASNT Vibration 2) Solutions to Machinery & Maintenance Vibration Problems; Denver, CO; Monday, February 26th – Friday, March 2nd

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          Established in 1966 by Ralph Buscarello, Update International is a global leader in machinery improvement training and vibration technologies that enable industrial and utility customers to improve operating life and productivity while substantially lowering costs.

          Precision maintenance requires more than the traditional predictive maintenance approach of distinguishing the “good” machinery from the “bad”. The best results come from preventing problems from occurring in the first place through precision assembly and operation of all equipment. With this approach, machine life is extended by reducing vibration to levels considerably lower than those found in new machinery.

         Update believes that people, not just technology, produce bottom line results. Our commitment is to develop people and focus on imparting the practical, in-depth knowledge and skills with which technology and tools can be used to achieve more with less.

    Update’s mission is to effectively assist our clients in the development and continuous improvement of world class precision maintenance operations.