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Practical Solutions to Machinery and Maintenance Vibration Problems

Chapter 1, Basic Information

Section 1 What to Look For, Most of the Time

Only the most common vibration trouble sources are on this list. Compare with "Guide For Possible Sources Of Vibration Based On Frequency Only."

Main Vibration Trouble Source

Approximate % of Time it Occurs

Resonance magnification from pipes, pedestals, covers, steel bases, skids, beams, decks, etc.

20, usually partially resonant

"Foot/Frame Resonance"

30-40, more often in flexible frames


30-40, most often due to assembly errors

Misalignment (couplings and sheaves)

50-70, depending on craft training

Gearmesh frequency or rpm x # of blades

Less than 3

Loose iron (a-c motors and transformers)

Less than 1

Motors with loose or cracked rotor bar
Less than 1. May increase to approximately 5% for processes with more starts and stops.
Eccentric armature or non-uniform airgap
Less than 1. May increase to approximately 5% in high efficiency motors.
Oil whirl (journal bearings only)
Less than 1
Bent shaft
Less than 1
Loose base or loose part
Less than 1
Less than 1
Poorly counterbalanced reciprocating parts
Defective rolling element bearings
Less than 2*

* The number refers to situations when the bearing itself is the primary source for excessive vibration due to poor installation or manufacturing defects. When periodically monitoring vibration, bearing vibration occurs considerably more often. However, it is usually the result of wear due to an uncorrected other vibration source, such as unbalance or misalignment. For those programs that focus mostly on detecting bearing deterioration (rather than main vibration source), this number easily reaches 50 percent or more.

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