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Practical Solutions to Machinery and Maintenance Vibration Problems

Chapter 8, Vibration in Bearings

Section 1, Vibration Due to Rolling Element Bearings

One of the first points to make regarding vibration due to rolling element bearings is that generally speaking, the bearing is not a source of mechanical trouble but merely a result of other problems. Most often, when symptoms of bearing defects arise, they are accompanied by other symptoms, such as for misalignment or unbalance. When dealing with rolling element bearing analysis, a good rule is to not only analyze the symptoms of bearing defects but to also determine why the bearing is defective. Look for symptoms of such sources as unbalance, misalignment, poor assembly, etc.

There are many different symptoms of distressed rolling element bearings, and much good information has been published on the subject. It is, therefore, not the purpose of this section to supersede information that is likely already known, but instead to highlight some of its more practical applications and strengthen certain portions.



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