6 Channel Vibration and Phase Analyzer
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DT6 Overview

  For the past 47 years, Update Internationals been providing practical, in-depth machinery vibration analysis and control training to most every major industrial company throughout N. America and in over 50 countries worldwide.  While focusing on practical, in-depth literacy, we observed that the typical instrument manufacturers have offered many high end systems that are often filled with rarely used features that simply drive up the learning curve and add to their substantial cost.  With very limited alternatives, the high cost of entry into the world of condition monitoring and analysis of rotating assets has been typically limited to large scale operations and those with large high-speed, costly machines.  The powerful yet low cost DT6   changes all that! Update International’s new DT6 is a low cost, yet extremely powerful instrument that collects, processes, displays and even analyses machinery vibration.  The extremely easy to use design simultaneously captures a full 6 channels of phase synchronized raw data, then processes the displays in Time, Frequency and Phase.  Designed to be used by anyone, the technically advanced features ensure that high resolution, complete and accurate data is available at any time to analysts, managers and even Crafts/mechanics! Now, for the first time, a powerful yet low cost vibration analyzer can be made available to those who are not necessarily on the vibration team.  Small plants & facilities, different departments of large ones, mechanical trade people, consultants & service providers etc. can now have access to a simple, extremely low cost and technically advanced analyzer that automatically includes the powerful information contained in phase.  The phase component of vibration is not commonly used because it is often difficult to acquire and frequently is not understood.  That is why we built in the necessary acquisition and signal processing requirements to make it as simple as possible.   To make things even easier, we have encapsulated the reasoning logic of relative phase analysis and present the results in an Analysis Support system that helps you see what the data is telling you, providing unparalleled confidence in your conclusions and recommended actions.  It’s like having a vibration analyst’s 2nd opinion in your back pocket!  Fear of vibration analysis should no longer be an excuse that prevents enjoying the rich rewards from its powerful cost saving advantages.        The DT6 keeps its costs down by effectively taking advantage of lower cost yet powerful technology like that of the common PC.  The 6 channels of phase synchronized raw data are collected, processed and passed along to any Windows PC via a single USB.  The mil spec 810 tablet PC** with touch screen action makes it easy to use in the plant.    .       ** Tablet PC is optional Extremely easy to use Place one sensor on each end of your machine (directly in line the bearings) and simply press one button to collect two sets of phase synchronized triaxial vibration data.  Issues such as setup, frequency Fmin and Fmax, lines of resolution, settling time, temperature etc. are handled automatically, enabling anyone to easily get quality readings. Results can be viewed in time/frequency/phase analysis panels.  The raw data format of a reading allows for infinite signal processing with no harm to the file. Anyone can collect high quality, high resolution raw data as the sensors not only have millisecond settling times and are not affected by temperature. Advanced technology contained in the sensors enable them to be smart enough to know how they are being mounted relative to gravity and make automatic corrections, thus avoiding misleading readings from incorrect mounting.  Intelligent ‘Phase Synchronizing’ signal processing enables easy acquisition of phase data over several units with the convenience of being able to acquire the readings in any order and from multiple angles. Cutting Edge Performance:   The Power of Raw Data By collecting all the raw data from each channel of the sensors, the DT6 is able to process it in far more powerful ways than typical vibration instrumentation.   For example, frequency transform (FT) is not limited by typical FFT math that requires initial set up of parameters such as the frequency range, determining the number of lines of resolution etc. and can only be processed on limited file sample sizes.  Instead, with the DT6, the full range of the sensor is always used (no more cutting it down) and the resolution results are only limited by the time duration of the reading.  In other words typical requirements for dealing and understanding FFT data and its acquisition in other instruments are no longer necessary, allowing anyone use the DT6.  ‘Open standards’ file format allows for easy integration with other software, including Update’s comprehensive software suite ENCOMPAS. The resolution of the waveform data is enough to resolve amplitudes better than a couple thousandths of a G, over a frequency range of 1600 Hz (or 96,000 RPM)—plenty enough information to monitor and analyze most rotating machines which typically run at 30 or 60 Hz (1800 – 3600 RPM ).  While early-stage bearing failure detection often requires very high frequencies*, bearing faults that actually need notice and attention will show their ugly head as they start to get bad. *(see other Update sensors for high frequency analysis) Simply the best value available With the DT6 price point of under $5,000, anyone, regardless of size can now have access to the large cost benefits of machinery vibration control.  No other analyzer on the market even comes close in providing multiple channels of high resolution data with automatic phase processing and analysis support at such a price.  In tough economic times, costly failures can be prevented, wrong diagnosis and wasted effort avoided, confidence in new installations documented and critical questions answered, all in a cost effective way that has never been available anywhere before.  Stop trying to save pennies while losing dollars and put the power of the DT6 Phase Analyzer at your fingertips today!  DT6 Overview      Power of Phase      Mechanics Helper     Departmental Tool     Small Plant System     Professional Services
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