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New DT6 Version 5.0

The World’s Fastest, Easiest and Most Cost Effective 6 Channel Vibration Tool

Package Features:

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Powerful platform that runs all the desktop software you rely on, while being lighter and more versatile than ever. The 12.3-inch PixelSense display has extremely high contrast and low glare. Surface Pro 4 has advanced wireless capabilities and all the ports you need.


Processor: 6th Gen Intel i5
Storage: 128GB SSD
Memory: 4GB
Weight: 1.73 lbs

Incipio Capture™ – Rugged Case for Surface Pro 4incipio-microsoft-surface-pro-3-capture-case-black-ab1_1

Engineered for durability and superior protection, the multi-layered Capture™ Case is your ideal choice for rugged defense. The Capture™ Case offers optimal versatility, featuring an adjustable 360° rotating handle and comfortable strap for secure grip. With a convenient Surface Pen holder, accessible sealed ports, and shock absorbent layers for maximum drop protection, the Capture™ Case ensures that your device remains safe and sound no matter what the environment.

Animation and Smart Suggestions

APA single view

The APA shaft animation feature now makes both the BASIC and PRO versions of DT6 more powerful than ever with the ability for even the most inexperienced user to fully visualize, in 3D the movements of the machine.


The rules of phase can be complex and difficult to remember for many analysts, leading many to be less confident in applying them. That’s why DT6 goes one step further to apply a “point system” to the detected relationships for each of the rules. This feature includes a simple meter reading to indicate the root cause of either Imbalance or Misalignment in one easy to use package.

Advanced MEMS Accelerometers

MEMS accelerometers provide accurate detection while measuring acceleration, tilt, shock, and vibration in performance driven application. MEMS sensors lead the industry in power, noise, bandwidth, and temperature specifications.


Time, Frequency and Phase all have their unique and distinctively different perspectives. When attempting to determine the root causes of rotating machinery vibration, most analysts rely on spectrum peak pattern comparisons; Yet many don’t realize that the spectrum amplitudes can be misleading, with no way to know when it is. This is due to the machine’s current vector composition at a specific frequency, like the 1x RPM. Only Phase can reveal the additional insights necessary for proper analysis, insights that Time and Frequency simply cannot provide. The only way to have a complete picture is to have all three perspectives at your fingertips.

Special Packages and Offers

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