Fixture Versions

Leading Machinery Improvement

Proaction Alignment BASIC


Includes everything needed to measure shaft alignment using the reverse indicator method. The fixtures can easily be reconfigured to perform the Rim and Face alignment method if necessary.

•    The most stable fixtures (least amount of sag)
•    Fit a wide range of machine sizes
•    Complete hardware for Reverse Indicator
•    Rugged carrying case



Proaction Alignment PRO


Fits an even wider range of machines and includes all the tools that may be needed for the complete job. With the Proaction Alignment System Pro there is little
chance that you will be going back for another tool that you need, or worse, try getting by without it!

• 2 mag bases & test indicator for soft foot
• Non-Contact Thermal Indicator for Thermal Growth
• All the additional tools for a complete job
• The most stable fixtures (least amount of sag)
• Fit a wide range of machine sizes
• Complete hardware for Reverse Indicator
• Rugged carrying case