Update’s Machinery Improvement Program® (MIP) is a custom-tailored plan designed to help initialize, revitalize, or further progress machinery improvement in manufacturing and processing plants. Update knows that every plant has a unique set of practices and its own understanding of precision maintenance and machinery vibration control.

It’s likely, therefore, that some of the best elements of machinery improvement are already in place and working well at your plant. That’s why MIP is designed to identify and provide only what is needed. No unnecessary, costly recommendations-just the most cost effective and efficient plan for establishing machinery improvement and quickly realizing maximum financial returns.

MIP requires working with such issues as machinery alignment, rotor balancing and careful assembly to achieve tolerances that are considerably better than most international standards, many of which were developed decades ago. It also includes goals and procedures needed for all relevant personnel to play their role in getting bottom line results.

While traditionally thought unachievable on a broad basis, companies around the world are realizing the competitive advantage of MIP once they see that “good” levels of operation are no longer good enough. MIP targets the “nuts and bolts” of true machine reliability and the necessary steps and coordination in achieving that goal.