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Finally, to help bridge any technical gaps while your people are gaining the knowledge and experience they need, the Machinery Improvement Program® provides technical support, both in-plant and via the Internet. Update’s technical experts will work one on one with members of your team to resolve existing machinery problems. Fax, phone, or visit our new web site. Get assistance or confirm your findings on harder to call problems. Later, even when your team is strong, you’ll find the availability of backup opinions an invaluable resource when working on more difficult vibration problems.

By customizing a plan, from evaluation and recommendations through training and support, Update’s Machinery Improvement Program assures the quickest possible path to the maximum benefits and financial returns. It’s not enough to learn data collector and monitoring detection techniques or even basic vibration analysis. The critical elements of detection, thorough and complete analysis, confirmation with practical corrective action, and prevention through the attainment of precision must come together to support the optimal results of World Class Maintenance. Why pick and choose your way through the myriad of narrowly focused training programs and maintenance practices and hope for the results you’re after. Rely on Update’s extensive practical experience to design and implement a Machinery Improvement Program to ensure the results you need