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Remote Vibration Level 2 Course Outline

Week Before course

  • The tablet and sensors arrive with DT6 training videos and course materials
  • Live Q&A session about the use of DT6 by web conferencing, recorded for student review

Day 1

  • Introduction with course goals and outline
  • Review of important Level 1 vibration concepts

Day 2

  • Instrument setup for monitoring and analysis with spectra and time waveform
  • Spectral analysis
  • Process of elimination

Day 3

  • Truncation
  • Modulation
  • Beats

Day 4

  • Analyzing imbalance vs. misalignment
  • Looseness and rubs
  • Identifying 2xLF
  • Rotor bars

Day 5

  • Rolling element bearings
  • Bearing fault examples
  • Documenting the financial benefits of a vibration program

Day 6

  • Gear vibration
  • Collaborative frequency exercise
  • Pump vibration including cavitation, recirculation and turbulence
  • Vibration on belt-driven machines

Day 7

  • Resonance and resonance tests
  • Foot related resonance (FRR)
  • 1st or source resonance

Day 8

  • Phase analysis
  • Imbalance phase
  • Misalignment phase
  • Bent shaft phase

Day 9

  • Writing effective vibration reports
  • Balance tolerances, standards and methods
  • Precision installation process

Day 10

  • Review for certification exam.

Week after course

  • Take certification exam at time convenient for student.
  • Student can continue to practice with the DT6 with machinery at their location.

Two weeks after course finish

  • Ship student tablet and sensors back to Update.