Revealing the Value Machine Improvement Can Bring Your Organization

Generally, the procedures for obtaining very smooth running machines require, at the most, an additional two hours to perform. From the typical operator’s perspective, that extra two hours is so valuable that it often is desired to skip these extra steps and settle for an “OK” machine rather than a very smooth running machine. Update has often been told, “After all, I could buy a whole new machine with those two hours of running time.”

But that’s not the point. The point is that replacing a machine takes many hours. Or simply changing a bearing or seal takes appreciable time. Several of our largest clients have found that an average pump repair costs thousands, often $10,000 or more. Managers must decide whether they want to pay for a little extra time now or pay for considerably more time later.

In the long run, machinery improvement programs require less time, not more. It is also important to remember that the primary reason for reducing vibration has always been to increase production running time.