Update International, Inc. Vibration Analysis Training

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Practical, In Depth, Concise Vibration Analysis Training since 1966

Update believes that Vibration can be understood and utilized by anyone, regardless of educational background. We strive to provide the practical information that students NEED to know in a format that is both easy to understand and useful from the start. Over the last 50 years we have worked with industry giants and small businesses alike to ensure that their maintenance practices are as precise, efficient and reliable as possible.

Course Formats:

  • Public Seminars

    • Our public seminars are open to anyone and everyone. We typically start with a “core group” of around 3-7 people interested in attending a specific training. We work with that group to establish a location and date for the training. Update then fills the remaining slots using our network of contacts. This format is an excellent option for everyone, and we offer group discounts starting at the 2nd person.
  • Private InHouse or Onsite Seminars

    • Our InHouse or Onsite seminars are hosted privately by companies. Typically, we establish a location, date and an initial rate for the group. Groups are normally between 12 and 18 people, but we have seen groups as small as 5 and as large as 34. An additional rate is then established for any additional attendees that should present themselves following the initial offering. Hosting companies provide a venue for the seminar.
  • REMOTE Training- Live, Online

    • Our REMOTE training option is very unique, in that it completely eliminates any need for travel. We offer this format for our Level 1 & 2 Vibration courses, Vibration Understanding for Mangers and Supervisors, and Introduction to Vibration ONLY. REMOTE courses are twice as long as a typical course. The reason for this is our scheduling. The training sessions are a half day, either in the morning or the afternoon. This way, attendees can work half a day and train half a day to minimize the impact of their absence. We task attendees to this course to take readings on assets, which are then used in the course as learning material. The result of all of this is a VERY convenient, very effective (cost and otherwise) training.

Level 1- The Fundamentals of Practical Vibration Analysis

4 Days- Level 1 ASNT Certification Available

A basic course for those looking to start their education on vibration analysis

This course focuses on all of the basics. It is intended for those who will be using vibration analysis in the field and actually working with the data.


Level 2- Practical Solutions to Machinery Problems

5 Days- Level 2 ASNT Certification Available

A More Advanced Course, Featuring More Analysis

This course goes beyond the Level 1 content and further into analysis. Learn to interpret FFTs and Time Waves, what to do with the data, and what action to take to correct any problems.


Level 3- World Class Results

5 Days- Level 3 ASNT Certification Available

Our most advanced course on Vibration Analysis

The purpose of this course is to further develop vibration analysis skills and analytical reasoning through practical, in-depth lectures, hands on simulation and real world case histories.


Understanding Vibration For Mangers & Supervisors

2 Days- Certification NOT Available

Provides Managers & Supervisors with the knowledge they need to successfully support a Vibration Program

To give supervisors and managers the knowledge and insights needed to manage and support a successful Machinery Improvement® Program, weighing both the management issues and technical fundamentals.


Introduction to Vibration

2 Days- Certification NOT Available

Intended for those who want to learn more about vibration, but will not necessarily be using it in the field.

A condensed version of our Level 1. This course provides basics about vibration and the problems associated with it.