The Proaction Alignment System

Leading Machinery Improvement

Precise results in less time.


When Update International set out to design a precision alignment fixture, we had three goals in mind:

+ It had to be quick to mount,

+ Easy to use,

+ And ensure precise results.

While providing alignment and vibration analysis training over many years, we had observed engineers and craftspeople struggling to mount the fixtures properly and having to constantly readjust the device – only to get imprecise readings.  There had to be a better way.




Our Proaction Alignment System uses a quick-release chain grip for the fastest and easiest mounting available.  One person can quickly set up the fixture, enabling you to reduce labor costs and get your machinery back in operation in less time.


You can more precisely align rotating machinery to minimize vibration. Precision readings provide smoother operating machines that maximize the productivity you get from the machinery.

To ensure exact results, we focused on strength, stability and minimizing bar-sag.  The indicator bars are constructed of rigid stainless steel tubing that makes the fixture strong, yet lightweight.  This results in less bar-sag and greater repeatability of readings. The indicators are also mounted on the fixture base, rather than the indicator bar, for less indicator bar-sag and greater stability.

Misalignment has been estimated to cause 50 – 70% of vibration problems in coupled machinery.

The Proaction Alignment System is adaptable to fit nearly all setups at a low prices.  Not only will you receive fantastic value, but also the reassurance that our products are backed by Update’s forty years of alignment knowledge and experience to assist you with your precision maintenance problems.

For Machines … Large and Small


The Proaction Alignment System can be used on all types of machines, such as steam turbine/generator sets, large compressors, vertical and horizontal pumps, air compressors, fans and small pumps and motors.

The system comes with various indicator bars to span couplings up to 16 ½ inches long.  An adjustable chain grip allows one fixture to fit various sizes of shafts or coupling hubs. When additional chains are combined, the fixture can be used on shafts of virtually any diameter.


The Proaction Alignment system is available in Basic and Pro versions.