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Update’s entire range of seminars can be taught in-house at your facility. We have found that this method of training is the quickest and most effective way to move a program ahead. Among the many advantages of in-house training are the following:


In-house training allows you flexibility to plan around your company’s specific schedule, as opposed to having to attend when public courses are being offered. It is also possible to combine courses within the same week, such as a three-day crafts seminar followed by a two-day session for managers and supervisors.


In-house training allows you to train many more people at a given time. This helps things move along fast, establishing momentum that is critical to the long-term success of the program.


By reviewing the course outlines beforehand, your company can decide to focus on the subjects that it feels are most important. This could include special attention to specific pieces of machinery or instrumentation unique to your facility.


In-house seminars are the most cost effective method for live training. For groups of six or more, the tuition cost per person is significantly lower than for public courses. In addition, participants’ travel and living expenses are eliminated.