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In today’s globally competitive world, industrial facilities cannot afford to waste time and money with unnecessary maintenance costs and production downtime. While most companies gave some level of vibration programs, far too often they fall way short of their true financial potential. The reasons for this are often rooted in how the programs are approached. Without manager support and understanding, practical analysis and true prevention cannot be achieved at the standards of today’s business world.

For the past 50 years, Update International has addressed these multifaceted issues by concentrating on practical, in-depth knowledge and skills that are necessary to drastically cut maintenance costs. Working with most every major industrial company in every major industry, we have gained the unique perspective as to what works – and what doesn’t.

It is only real world, practical training that creates the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve the tremendous financial savings that are possible.

Time. travel, and lack of hands on practice are the downfall of many training methods. To address these issues, only Update International has developed a unique program to address these problems, Our New Remote Training Option:

  • Spread out the learning over more time, allowing for more content digestion
  • Training can be completed anywhere with internet, eliminating the need for expensive travel & time away from work
  • DT6 included to use during the training, providing the full power of 6 channel vibration and phase analysis. This allows student to get hands on reading in their own plants. No other trainer does the same.
  • Utilizes signal processing simulation software to enable practice and self discovery.