Vibration 3

Leading Machinery Improvement

Practical Vibration Analysis: World Class Results

Level III Certification Available

Course Objective

To further develop vibration analysis skills and analytical reasoning through practical, in-depth lectures, hands on simulation and real world case histories.


Five days


This sequel to our highly successful course, Practical Solutions to Machinery and Maintenance Vibration Problems, was developed to meet the new demands and expanding needs of vibration specialists in this rapidly evolving field. Subjects introduced in the original Practical Solutions are given broader coverage, in further detail and depth. World Class Results also introduces entirely new material, and, as always, all topics are presented in the same practical manner that has become Update’s trademark.

Improve Your Ability to Solve Common Vibration Problems

This seminar provides further insights to diagnose and eliminate problems relating to unbalance, misalignment, resonance, and a range of other machinery problems. Case histories are used to reinforce subjects such as variations of static/couple unbalance, unusual resonances and, most importantly, exercising the complete analysis thinking process.

Apply the Latest Technical Tools to Your Program

More effective use of FFT analyzers to collect and analyze spectra and time domain data is stressed. The use of techniques such as synchronous time averaging, demodulation, proper windowing, filters etc. is discussed. Learn how to use a strobe light to track down difficult to find vibration sources.  Better understand the distortions, limits and compromises of various signal processing tools. Improve the relationship of analysis to root cause and prevention aspects of a complete program.

Hands on Simulation

Using update’s new signal processing simulator, gain a deep level of understanding of what and why to use various signal processing tools such as windows, filters etc.

Enhance Your Ability to Improve All Kinds of Machinery

Learn more details on rolling element bearings and identification of their various failure stages, gear problems and causes. Problems related to certain equipment types, particularly pumps, induction motors, and large rotating equipment are emphasized.

Apply Proven Management Techniques to your Program

Learn about what works (and what doesn’t) related to vibration program effectiveness. Understand what it really takes to get the most out of a program and how to support one from an analyst’s perspective.

You are shown you how to broaden vibration control into an overall Machinery Improvement Program approach. Practical issues such as preparation of vibration reports for managers and skills testing of vibration team members are addressed.

Who Should Attend:

* Maintenance and Reliability Engineers
* Vibration Specialists and Analysts
* Advanced Mechanical Technicians

Course Prerequisite

Completion of a Level 2 Course such as Update’s Solutions to Machine Problems (previously, Practical Solutions to Maintenance and Machinery Vibration Problems) or other vibration analysis course is strongly recommended.  However, as we do not use mathematical equations or delve into theoretical dimensions, a basic foundation of core principles and terms is desired.

Notebook/Laptop Computer

This seminar uses vibration analysis simulation software. We recommend that you bring a notebook computer to the seminar.

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