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Measurement type: Raw Data, full range of sensors   FFT/DFT, Time Waveform, Phase Balloon Diagram, Statistics

Sensors:  2 triaxial accelerometers;  Each Channel:  1600+ Hz, millisecond sensor settling time, +/- 16 G with 4mg/LSB resolution, single USB 2.0 interface.  Gravity sensing allows for mounting position/direction sensing and automatic correction/prompts.

Amplitude Scale:  Acceleration/Velocity/Displacement

Frequency Range:  0-1600 Hz

Resolution:  1 RPM

Frequency Units:  Hz/CPM

Measurement Units:   Imperial/Metric

Window:  Hanning, Uniform, Flat Top

Filter:  Anti-Alias, Low/High frequency, Bandpass

Phase:  Cross channel with multiple signal processing adjustments

Cursors:  Amplitude/Frequency cursor (Frequency Domain), Period/Frequency (Time Domain), motor speed cursor (for calculating relative phase of Horizontal, Vertical and Axial)

Specialty Measurements: ISO and full sensor range calculation of Peak, Peak to Peak, RMS, Crest Factor

Inputs:  USB based dual phase synchronized triaxial accelerometers (6 channels), software based signal simulator w/amplitude/frequency/phase/duration controls for 6 channels

Analysis Display Panels: 2 independent display areas, each with Time, Frequency and Phase display; Analysis Support module with 5 phase and 4 amplitude rule relationship panels, and one Summary panel.

Data Acquisition/Phase Synchronizing:  Multiple unit/position/measurement point selection for several Units in a Unit Train. Multiple point phase synchronizing function for multiple units/positions.

The system includes a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 PC with field case and DT6 pre-loaded.

  • Processor:  Intel Core i5
  • RAM:  4 Gig
  • Storage:  128 Gig SSD
  • Screen:  12″
  • Five year sensors and software warranty – Equal or improved specifications.
  • Free DT6 software updates for 2 years for the original registered owner.

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