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Learn More About the DT6

The DT6 was (and is) created with our customers in mind. Many of the recent additions to DT6 have come directly from customer requests. As a result, the analysis panel on the DT6 is packed full of unique features, as well as common “industry standard” ones.

Online Vibration Textbook

This text has been written for the person working with already-built machinery rather than for the designer. Details covered are needed by the person new in vibration as well as the vibration specialist who already has hands-on experience.

About Update International

At Update International more than five decades of experience in vibration analysis is what sets us apart from our competition. We are focussed on the practical and in-depth understanding of vibration analysis which is why, for more than fifty years, we have been entrusted to provide vibration analysis training to almost every major industrial company.


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