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Update International was founded by Ralph T. Buscarello in 1966 when he began conducting seminars to share his innovative understanding of vibration in machinery and the role precision maintenance plays in increasing machine life and productivity. He established Update’s unique approach to training by emphasizing a practical understanding of machines, what is occurring within them, and how to effectively correct and improve their running condition.

Over the years, Update has provided in-depth, practical training and vibration analysis services to most major oil, chemical, pulp and paper, power, and other process industries, worldwide. We have also worked with the service departments of equipment manufacturers that serve them, training their technicians to provide the quality required by industry today. Through this extensive experience, we have gained invaluable knowledge and insight into not only vibration analysis and machinery maintenance skills, but also into the critical components of truly successful maintenance programs.

Our focus today is on leveraging this knowledge for the benefit of all clients, to help them achieve the highest levels of success. We have found that maximum financial returns are consistently realized when the people at every level of an organization understand, are involved in, and are committed to achieving precision in their machinery.

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