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The DT6

Vibration & Phase Analyzer

More than fifty years of experience in vibration analysis training went into creating Update International’s vibration analysis instrument, 
The DT6.

Update International knows that you need the most complete data possible when maintaining and diagnosing your rotating machinery assets.

This is why we created the DT6 Vibration and Phase Analyzer with unique and powerful sensors to provide you with the best Amplitude, Frequency, and Phase data, all on the latest tablet PC.
No “custom box” data collector means your version of The DT6 is never obsolete.

This is the world’s first instrument that will INSTANTLY collect 6 channels of raw vibration data AND provide all necessary phase relationships for the most robust vibration data analysis at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

The DT6 is a culmination of our experience and research making it a truly practical instrument that will benefit anyone who uses it. 

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The DT6 Above All Others

Leveraged New Technology

Unique and powerful sensors for use with the latest tablet PC. Not an expensive, “custom box” data collector which will become obsolete.

The Best Data

Complete synchronized (for phase), the full range of any sensor.

Easy to Use

Get all 6 channels (inboard/outboard, Hz, Vt, Ax) in one simple reading.

Comprehensive Signal Processing

Get the most complete information for analysis.

All Perspectives Always Available

Including Time, Frequency, and Phase.

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A Versatile Tool for All

From precision installation to routes, asset tracking and reports, comprehensive analysis tools, and unique test routines. Everything involved with prevention, monitoring, analyzing, and decision making can use the same, easy to use tool.

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The DT6 – Best Tech

With the DT6 Vibration and Phase Analyzer, Update International gives you the best tech at the lowest cost. Unlike other vibration analysis instruments, we created the DT6 to provide you with the most complete data, which includes Phase.

We focused on creating the best sensor and allow our advanced technology to do the hard work computing a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). This is why only Update International’s DT6 Vibration and Phase Analyzer is able to provide you with a fast, clean, complete, robust, and accurate vibrational analysis.

Update International wants you to have all of the information so you’ll know exactly how to monitor and diagnose your rotating assets.

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Based on a tablet PC means no “custom box” data collector. This makes the DT6 “future proofed.”
Easily upgrade when a new, more powerful tablet is available.
With the DT6 your system is never obsolete, so you are not forced to purchase a completely new system.


Giving you the best tech at the lowest cost. We include FREE updates and service for two years with initial purchase.

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The most flexible and friendly to your other software and systems. We don’t force you to stay with us by insisting on secret file formats. Our open standards make it easy to exchange valuable information with your CMMS and other operating software.


Saving only full range, phase synchronized raw data means no custom setups that limit your readings like using Fmin, Fmax or Lines of Resolution. 

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Everything in Vibration

Why You Need Phase

Everything is in vibration – Amplitude, Frequency, and Phase.
Yet most data and instruments tell you that you only need to measure Amplitude and Frequency when performing a vibration analysis.

Update International’s pioneering knowledge in the field of vibration analysis means we know there’s more to it. We know that Phase is the missing piece of the vibration analysis puzzle.

Phase is the timing at different points around your machine, at different times. Phase ties all points together and tells you how they move together, showing imbalance or misalignment. Phase brings everything together so you can see things that other vibration analysis instruments can’t show you.

Learn More About the DT6Still Wondering If You Need Vibration Analysis?

Wondering if you need to address vibration in your rotating machinery?

You Do.

Vibration is the physical representation of the destructive forces which destroy machinery and their parts. All Rotating Assets will experience breakdowns causing repairs and replacements of bearings, gears, motors, and more. Prevention through precision assembly and timely, safe interventions when needed are the critical elements that understanding vibration provides.

And it doesn’t have to be complicated. Update International believes that everyone can understand what they can do to optimize the Rotating Asset Life Cycle Performance.

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 Vibration Seminars

Vibration Analysis 1

Introducing “non-experts” to machinery vibration with a practical approach to understanding the concepts of what is actually occurring with machinery and what to do about it.

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Vibration Analysis 2

Enhancing the learning experience we’ve added our unique computer based learning environment to the seminar. This allows some “hands-on” type experiences and practice sessions to the classroom training.

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Machinery Improvement Skills Enhancement

Improving performance and machinery life. Identifying common sources of premature machinery failure and defining precision mechanical maintenance practices.

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“The DT6 Vibration & Phase Analyzer makes understanding and analyzing Vibration “like child’s play.” 

– Vibration Technician

Kinder Morgan Canada

“The DT6 is a top-of-the-line instrument that provides a wide range of useful functions and adds an amazing amount of value for such low-cost instrument.”

Maintenance Manager

Procter & Gamble

At Update International

more than five decades of experience in vibration analysis is what sets us apart from our competition. We are focussed on the practical and in-depth understanding of vibration analysis which is why, for more than fifty years, we have been entrusted to provide vibration analysis training to almost every major industrial company.

After all, for more than fifty years it has been Update International’s mission,

“to effectively assist our customers in the development and continuous improvement of world class maintenance operations.”

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Now this practical insight is embodied in our powerful and cost effective complete vibration prevention and analysis instrument, the DT6.

The DT6 is made with the highest quality sensors and most robust vibration analysis software.
There is no “custom box” data collector, there are no maintenance fees, and your version will never be unsupported.
All at a fraction of our competitors’ cost.

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