DT6 Overview

Leading Machinery Improvement

The DT6 Vibration & Phase Analyzer

by Update International

The most Innovative & Affordable Vibration Analyzer on the Market Today

  • New Noise Cancelling and Frequency Isolation Features
  • Automatic Phase with Easy Animations
  • Phase-Based Vibration Root-Cause “Suggestions” Panel
  • Advanced and Constantly Increasing Diagnostic Modules
Time Saving
  • Instantly Collect 6 Channels of Data
  • NO Setup Prior to Collecting Data
  • Multimedia Machinery Health Report
  • TrueBalance Field Balancing Software
  • OnTarget Alignment Software
  • Resonance Detection
  • Asset Database & Routes

The DT6 : Innovation at Its Peak

The DT6 Vibration & Phase Analyzer puts powerful and easy to use vibration analysis capabilities into an effective, portable and, most importantly, AFFORDABLE package.

Choose the DT6 and start saving time and energy today!

Automatic Phase Synchronization with or without a tachometer. Phase is necessary to confirm results yielded from spectra data. Make the right diagnosis the first time!

“Future Proofed” by leveraging the latest consumer technology. We guarantee that your instrument runs on top of the line hardware, for a low, consistent price. Windows based software promises that hardware will always be available and allows access to WiFi, Bluetooth, and other common PC applications that can be very useful.

Versatile & Easy To Use, the DT6 can be picked up and utilized by anyone. Getting more people involved in taking readings or checking their work using vibration will bring about a better, more efficient team-mindset focussed on reliability.

The DT6 is Constantly Improving. We create new software additions and functions weekly. And most of them are customer driven! Plus, we include FREE updates and service for two years with initial purchase.

Extremely Easy to Use

The DT6 simultaneously captures a full 6 channels of phase synchronized raw data, then processes the displays in time, frequency, and phase.

Learn Why You Need Phase

There's Simply Nothing Like the DT6

The new DT6 Vibration Analysis System is a breakthrough in vibration analysis. While Time and Frequency plots say a lot about machine condition, they can also be misleading making phase necessary to establishing a complete picture. Yet, phase data collection, documentation and analysis are often too cumbersome and time consuming.

The DT6 changes all of that.

One simple touch provides 6 channels of acquisition, automated phase synchronization/adjustment, and relationship rule processing – telling you what it all means.

The DT6 is a complementary tool that is unrivaled in both its power and capabilities. We are constantly adding functionality based on popular demand.

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