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Vibration Analysis:

**Courses that are marked “Available Upon Request” are more technical courses that are driven directly by customer demand. If you have any interest in these courses please contact us and we will be happy to accommodate these training needs.***

We are currently working on developing the most regionally effective training schedule for 2017. Please contact us with any training related questions or requests and we will work to accommodate you to the best of our ability. Using our large network of contacts, we can often fill and host regional seminars based conveniently close to the party who issued the initial training request. Email now!

Practical  Vibration Analysis: Fundamentals  (Level 1, Category 1)

June 18th – 21st Bakersfield, CA #1106
July 9th – 12th Atlanta, GA #1107
 July 23rd – 26th Seattle, WA #1108
August 13th – 16th   Houston, TX  #1109
August 27th – 30th Denver, CO #1110
September 24th -27th Minneapolis, MN #1111
October 9th – 12th St. Louis, MO #1112
November 5th – 8th Montreal, ON #1113
November 27th – 30th Jacksonville, FL #1114
December 3rd – 6th Honolulu, HI #1115
Want a Level 1 brought to your area?  Call Us Today! 1-800-530-4215

4-Day Format  US $ 1495.00/person

Vibration Level 1 Certification from this course is available via examination for an additional fee of $200.00.


Solutions to Machinery Problems  (Level 2, Category 2)

September 10th – 14th  Atlanta, GA  #2101
December 10th – 14th  Edmonton, AB  #2102

5 Day Format  US $ 1695.00

Vibration Level 2 Certification from this course is available for $200.00


World Class Results (Level 3, Category 3)


5 Day Format  US $ 1795.00

Vibration Level 3 Certification from this course is available for $200.00


Machinery Improvement Skills

Skills Enhancement Workshop – Installation / Assembly

October 22nd – 26th Cheyenne, WY #4102


5 Day Format US $ 1695.00

A Practical Approach to Precision Alignment Methods

Available Upon Request TBD #TBD

5 Day Format US $ 1695.00

A Practical Approach to Field Balancing Level 1

Available Upon Request TBD #TBD

3 Day Format US $ 1295.00

 Vibration Literacy:

Vibration Awareness

Upon Request    

1 Day Format, US $495

Vibration for Supervisors and Managers


Available Upon Request Location TBD #TBD

2 Day Format, US $ 995.00

Remote Vibration for Supervisors and Managers

TBD TBD   Register for this class.

3 Day Format, US $ 995.00


1. Group discounts are available
2. 10% discount for prepayment if payment is received one month prior to the seminar date.

Rate Schedule:

1. Fees are Per Person in US Dollars.
2. Tuition fees are applicable to courses held in USA & Canada. Call or Email for International Rates.
3. Schedule and Rates are subject to change.
4. Canadian seminars are subject to applicable Canadian taxes.